BIDEAS 2: Politics of Hope or Politics of Nope?

Special guest Bella joins Hannah, Jakob, and Lili to cautiously explore the promise of hope that the Biden administration will advance the IDEAS agenda.
Jakob endorses the Netflix show, "Revolution"
Bella endorses "50 Things that Biden has Already made Better" from the WaPo
Hannah endorses the IDEAS playlist on which you can find "Mars" by Yungblud
Lily wins! She endorses reading early U.S. History. To second and specify her endorsement, Lazar might guide the listener to: Joseph Ellis, David McCullough, HW Brands, Joanne Freeman, Pauline Maier, Carol Berkin, Mary Beth Norton, Ron Chernow, Sean Wilentz, Gordon Wood, Bernard Bailyn, Mary Sarah Bilder, and Jon Meacham. 

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BIDEAS 2: Politics of Hope or Politics of Nope?
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