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Freedom of Religious Expression at JFKS?

Moana moderates a discussion with two devoutly Christian JFKS students about the degree to which they feel they can be themselves and express themselves freely at JFKS...

Rainbow Capitalism: PRIDE for Sale?

Merle moderates of discussion among IDEAS members about "rainbow capitalism", exploring the costs and benefits of companies capitalizing on Pride Month.  If you enjoy ...

Real People Explore Artificial Intelligence

Tony sits down with Editor-in-Chief of the IDEAS Journal, Lina Sattar, to discuss our new issue on AI.  If you enjoy our podcasts and journals, please support IDEAS!  ...

Demonstrating with Data: IDEAS Teaches Teachers

Miles and Merle share student survey data from our IDEAS Journals with a group of distinguished JFKS teachers. The teachers discuss what the data suggests about studen...

On Body Image...

Yona and Sina interview Miles, Santiago, and Carmen about their contributions to the Body Image issue of the IDEAS Journal. If you enjoy our podcasts and journals, ple...

JFKS New Year Resolutions?!

JFKS kids share what they think JFKS should do to be a better place for ALL students. Tony, Sina, and Ophelia discuss. What do YOU think JFKS could do better to suppor...

IDEAS Talks Sexuality! The C&C Edition (part 2 of 2)

Tony, Sina, and Ophelia are joined by Carmen and Carlotta to dive deeper into two articles they published in the new IDEAS journal.

IDEAS Talks Sexuality! The M&M Edition (part 1 of 2)

Tony, Sina, and Ophelia are joined by superstar siblings Miu & Moana to dive deeper into two articles they published in the new IDEAS journal.

Sensitive Talk About Disability

Ophelia, Sina, and Tony explore how to talk about disability sensitively and avoid ableist tropes.

Specters of Discrimination: The JFKS Community Speaks! (2 of 2)

Tony, Ophelia, and Sina share community responses to the prompt: what can be done to combat discrimination at JFKS?

Specters of Discrimination: The JFKS Community Speaks! (1 of 2)

Tony, Ophelia, and Sina share community responses to the prompt: have you ever witnessed and/or been a victim of discrimination at JFKS?

JFKS Life Beyond the Binary

Tony and Sina explore coming out and getting by with three nonbinary JFK students.

New Season, New Podcast Team!

Tony welcomes his new co-hosts, Ophelia and Sina.

Beyond Asian: Exploring Third Culture Stories

Tony welcomes our Bear Radio colleague Sen Zhan to explore what it means and how it feels to be a Third Culture Person.

Student Speak: Tik Tok & Gen Z

The IDEAS pod stood in the shadows of Romero Britto to ask how students grapple with Tik Tok.

The Dopamine Hustle? Tik Tok & Gen Z, Part 1

Bella and Tony riff on Tik Tok and its impact on mental health, with a focus on Gen Z.

Special Episode: JFK on MLK (Rebroadcast)

What does MLK mean to the JFK community? We asked them. Here is how our students, parents, and faculty reflect on the legacy and impact of Dr. King.

Exploring Mental Health and Neurodiversity with JFKS Guidance

Tamara Faber, Andrea Rathke, and Jenny Riecke, three esteemed members of the JFKS Guidance Department, join us to discuss mental heath and neurodiversity.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Heidi Hooper Amri

IDEAS explores depression, academic anxiety, and mental hygiene with Child & Adolescent Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, Heidi Hooper Amri.

JFKS Quaranteens™ on Mental Health & Academic Stress

Esteemed Quaranteens™ Bella and Tony discuss the impact of the pandemic on high school life at JFKS before sharing some student reflections on the matter.

LGBTQ+ Youth Advocate Zach Lowe

Illustrating our commitment to magnify the voices of our allies, IDEAS is proud to share a conversation between a distinguished New Jersey High School teacher and an a...

Proud to Say it Everyday?

Bella, Lina, and Tony have been at JFKS since Entrance Class. Here is what it means to them to be JFK Lifers, OGs if you will.

Gen Z & The Problematics of Labels

Bella and Lina are joined by Mathilda, Tony, and Sophie to discuss their contributors to the most recent IDEAS journal, which focuses on Labels in Gen Z.

What Does Pride Month Mean to Us?

Bella is joined by Sophie and Lena to discuss Pride month. Then the JFKS community reflects on what Pride month means to them.

Celebrate Juneteenth!

Bella Winger tells us why Juneteenth should be a national holiday. Then JFK students propose 10 holidays that warrant federal recognition.

IDEAS in Solidarity with AAPI

Guests Stephen Lee and Raea Michie join our producer Bella Winger and our IDEAS AAPI Project Manager Lili Smith to discuss the resurgence of anti-Asian violence in the...

New Season, New Journal!

Our new leadership team discusses survey data from the newest IDEAS Journal and shares their visions for the podcast and the journal.

Rush to Schadenfreude?

Special guest Lily Smith joins Lili, Hannah, and Jakob to discuss how and when to be empathic when bad things happen to "bad people". In the wake of the death of Rush ...

BIDEAS 2: Politics of Hope or Politics of Nope?

Special guest Bella joins Hannah, Jakob, and Lili to cautiously explore the promise of hope that the Biden administration will advance the IDEAS agenda.

BIDEAS 1: Our Hopes for Intersecting Values

This episode explores the hopes of some IDEAS members that the Biden administration will advance our ambitious agenda of Identity, Diversity, Empathy, Awareness, and S...

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