Gen Z & The Problematics of Labels

Bella and Lina are joined by Mathilda, Tony, and Sophie to discuss their contributors to the most recent IDEAS journal, which focuses on Labels in Gen Z.
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Mathilda - Invisible Women and The Feminist Present podcast
Tony - Hassan Piker and Kanye West's Donda (and do NOT order from Crispy's Chicken!)
Sophie - Kendrick Lamar Good Kid MAAD City
Lina - Life Inside my Mind
Bella - Rebecca Solnit's Memoir
This episode was developed, directed, edited, and produced by Bella Winger. She did it all! Go Bella! Lazar mastered audio and advised.
Thanks to the JFKS Verein for the microphones. We love them!

Our theme music for this episode is "Pleasant Porridge" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License
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Gen Z & The Problematics of Labels
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