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IDEAS Takes on National Identities, Part I

Lili and Jakob welcome Lena and Malka, two contributing authors to our most recent edition of the IDEAS Journal.

Dissecting Nanette

Hannah, Jakob, and Lili dive into Hannah Gadsby's juggernaut one-person show, Nannette, available on Netflix.

Settle For Biden: The Identity Crisis of the Dems

In the wake of the 2020 Elections, Jakob, Hannah, and Lili grapple with how and why the Democratic Party struggles to establish a identity as a united party that stand...

Dress Codes?

Jakob, Hannah, and Lili grapple with school dress codes as they relate to expression, identity, and politics. It's a live one! Enjoy.

How Do We Remember?

Hannah, Jakob, and Lili are joined by artist and teacher Benjamin Rubloff to discuss problems of memorialization. We dig into how to engage with the Memorial to the Mu...

Trouble at Onkel Toms Cabin

Is Onkel Toms Cabin a Berlin idiosyncrasy with an innocent history? Or just everyday racism? Both? To inaugurate Season Two, Hannah, Jakob, and Lili grapple with how ...

End of a Season, End of an Era

The IDEAS team reflects on what we have accomplished and the mark we hope our fledgling organization has made. Lazar bids a fond farewell to IDEAS Co-Founder, Brian Sa...

Mental Health and Neurodiversity

We gathered three IDEAS members to reflect on three contributions to our most recent IDEAS journal, which focuses on Mental Health and Neurodiversity. We discussed our...

Interrupting Oppression

Two IDEAS members reflect on their experiences participating in an "Interrupting Oppression" workshop and then creating and delivering a workshop for Grade 8 students.

Biracial Students Speak Up! (Live Panel)

In this live panel discussion a handful of biracial students speak to a packed audience about their experiences being biracial at The Kennedy School and beyond. Q&A at...

Celebrating Women! (Live Panel)

It's a live one! IDEAS teamed up with with the Feminist Initiative to pod out in front of an audience of 100 students.

Grappling with Gender After a Long, Cold Protest March

Just hours after the Women's March at Brandenburg Gate, the IDEAS team digs into gender as a problematic construct that challenges adolescent life.

IDEAS Struggles With Identity

The IDEAS team inaugurates our podcast at a sound studio in Berlin to grapple with our identities and expectations around identities.

Welcome to the IDEAS Podcast

IDEAS Director Lena Marzona (Class of 2020) and IDEAS Adviser Daniel Lazar discuss the flow of season one and our effort to find a voice for our fledgling podcast.

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